Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Sky Bed

The Sky Bed

Back in early 2011 Casey decided they would move into the backyard. We built a little shack out the back, which they lived in for a few months. We didnt purchase any materials besides some of the screws. It was all built from wood and corrugated roofing from the side of the road and demolition sites. Afterwards I moved in to the house and out of my van in the front yard.

It wasnt built by my design so I added lots of shelves and bits n pieces to make myself feel comfortable in the space. Eventually I found that it just wasnt quite what i wanted. So in November I decided to sell my van and take the roof off the house and extend it upward, building a loft bedroom on top.

I put clear panels on top which I received after they were taken off a shed and were not needed. The wall cladding we pulled off some walls of a place that is going to be demolished in Brunswick. Luckily three doors down the house had been demolished and I could just walk the timber up the alley way.


View from the backyard

 This is what it looks like now

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  1. wow! didnt know... You're amazing! this looks like a very wonderful home